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With your help, we will double the number of children in Northern Nevada reading at grade level by 3rd grade before 2020 Give and Volunteer


Our Education Goal:  Double the number of children reading proficiently at the conclusion of third grade throughout the region, by 2020.  

(Why does early reading matter?)


We use a multi-pronged approach:

Early Learning & Development
Kindergarten Readiness & Early Literacy
Early Grade Success


New Born Learning Trail at Wheatland Park in Reno. Another Born Learning Trail has recently been installed at Miguel Ribera Park, Reno and another Trail has now been installed in Sparks.

Early Learning & Development: Born Learning creates fun learning experiences 

Born Learning opportunities are everywhere — the grocery store, laundromat, park, even the bus stop!  The birth-5 age range is a fertile time period for children, when rapid learning can occur if nurtured by a parent or other caregiver.  Born Learning teaches how to ‘make everyday activities into learning opportunities.’  Born Learning’s bright, colorful, bilingual materials guide fun learning.

United Way is committed to early learning.  For the past eight years, United Way has provided its Born Learning program to communities throughout our region and is designed to support early learning and school readiness.  The program provides early child development tools, curriculum and trainings to parents, early learning teachers and other caregivers.

United Way also works with local volunteers to install Born Learning Trails in the community with fun, interactive, educational activities for children at the park.

To date, United Way has conducted trainings with hundreds of groups and individuals in cities and counties throughout northern Nevada.