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Born Learning

Born Learning is an important component of United Way's work toward empowering parents (a child's 'first teacher') with the tools and skills to enhance healthy development and learning. Read more>>

Why is Born Learning needed?

Nevada’s children are quickly falling behind the rest of the country, ranking 49th in educational achievement.  Why does that matter? The consequences for Nevada’s children are startling: a high school dropout earns just 37 cents of every dollar a high school graduate earns.
How does Born Learning work?

The program uses the techniques we know work. It’s as simple as pointing out colors in a grocery store, or counting eggs needed for a recipe.  Preschoolers are taught by parents, grandparents and other caregivers as they go about their daily routines. Bright, colorful booklets provide fun and simple activities to better prepare preschoolers for success in school. There’s even an exciting website that provides more tips!  Everything’s in English and Spanish.  Born Learning focuses on activities that help develop language, talking, reading and singing. Research shows that language development is vital to later success.

Why is Born Learning ‘smart’?

The program is based on over 40 years of proven research. Solid research proves that parents and other caregivers are the first teachers and the most important link to getting kids ready for school. It’s been shown that every $1 invested in preschoolers from struggling families saves $17 in social services down the road. Born Learning is a wise investment for our community.

Find out more about the program by calling (775) 322-8668 or visiting