Literacy is the Cure

Literacy is the Cure to achieve promising futures and a skilled workforce.

There is a problem that has plagued society across the globe, and it’s happening right here in Northern Nevada. It can be linked to high school dropouts, unemployment, and incarceration rates, costing us billions in government assistance. We can tackle this problem here at home by addressing one small but impactful problem: teaching our children to read proficiently by the end of third grade. That’s it. That’s the solution.

United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra in collaboration with the Reno + Sparks Chamber of Commerce is launching the Literacy is the Cure initiative on October 17th. Special thanks also goes to the Boys & Girls Club of the Truckee Meadows. 

Eventbrite - Literacy is the Cure


How does grade-level reading affect our kids?

Two out of three children who are not reading proficiently by the end of third grade will end up in jail or on welfare. 85% of juvenile offenders have problems reading. And in Nevada, 50% of children are not reading at grade level.

What does this mean for us in Northern Nevada?

A typical high school dropout has the skills to qualify for only 10% of new jobs. As our area continues to grow, we won’t have the right people for the job. If we tackle 3rd grade reading together, that will create real economic impact

Our Goal

By 2020, 3 out of 4 children in northern Nevada will be reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Helping build families meet their basic needs
  • Sponsoring education and training for parents
  • Promoting early intervention
  • Supporting at-home libraries
  • Supporting reading programs and out-of-school tutoring
  • Promoting school attendance
  • Supporting children in progressing from reading below grade level to reading at grade level 

Join us!

Join United Way and our community partners in launching the Literacy is the Cure initiative on October 17th

Eventbrite - Literacy is the Cure


Community Solutions Action Plan

The Community Solutions Action Plan lays out the strategies and objectives towards improving grade-level reading in Northern Nevada. Click the button to download and read the plan.