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With your help, we will double the number of children in Northern Nevada reading at grade level by 3rd grade before 2020 Give and Volunteer


United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra is a local nonprofit organization that engages the community and develops long lasting change to improve peoples’ lives and build stronger communities in northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe Basin. By partnering with businesses, individuals, government and other nonprofits we’re able to monitor the needs of our community and respond quickly as issues or opportunities arise.

As a convener, collaborator, funder and leader in addressing health and human service issues, United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra fulfills a unique role in making our community a better place. And thanks to the generous support of individuals and business throughout our region, we’re helping to improve lives every day.

Our Mission:  What we seek to achieve

       'We link the community's will and resources to improve lives.' 

Our Vision:  Why we exist

      'Working together to build a better community.'

How Your Money Helps

United Way’s Community Impact Fund brings together resources from donors throughout northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe Basin to provide support for programs meeting the most important community needs. We believe the best and most effective way to improve our communities is by combining our efforts and our resources. There is no other organization like us, whether in terms of the numbers of people and organizations involved, the scope of our agenda or the fierce focus we have upon working together.

All funding decisions for United Way are made by local volunteers, who receive training on human services issues, programs, local needs and gaps. Volunteers also monitor funded programs to make sure they produce results, improving the quality of life for all of us. 
To qualify for funding, agency programs must:

  • Meet local priority needs
  • Operate effectively and efficiently
  • Steer clients towards self-sufficiency and independence
  • Collaborate with other agencies to avoid duplication of services
  • Be inclusive and sensitive to people of diverse cultures

Low Fundraising Costs

The contributions that donors make are investments in their community. We understand that donors trust us to be efficient and effective with their investments. Our low overhead cost is possible because of United Way’s extensive use of volunteers, and it ensures that your contributions are hard at work in the community.

How United Way builds stronger communities

In addition to funding direct service programs at Partner agencies, United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra is involved in many partnerships designed to strengthen our social fabric. We call these partnerships Strategic Community Impact Initiatives. These initiatives are focused on creating change in our communities, targeting specific improvements in services, organizations and systems that influence peoples’ lives.

Nevada 2-1-1

United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra, in partnership with United Way of Southern Nevada, the State of Nevada, HELP of Southern Nevada, Crisis Call Center and other nonprofit and private businesses, launched Nevada 2-1-1 in February 2006. Nevada 2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember telephone number that connects callers with free information about important community services, volunteer opportunities and support for community crisis or disaster recovery.  READ MORE >>


Everyday life is a learning experience for children. Born Learning is a public engagement campaign that helps parents, grandparents and caregivers explore ways to turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities.  READ MORE >>


United Way could not achieve its important community goals without partners. Our staff and volunteers seek to partner with any individuals, community organizations, government entities, businesses or nonprofit agencies that can help solve pressing community issues. By working together – aligning our efforts to achieve specific community goals – we can significantly improve community conditions.  READ MORE >>

Nevada United Ways

United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra works closely with the United Way of Southern Nevada for the benefit of all the communities in our state. Coordination of efforts helps us to work more effectively with businesses in our Annual Workplace Campaign: businesses that function statewide don’t need to develop separate strategies with each United Way. The United Ways also work together on initiatives that impact the entire state, such as the Nevada 2-1-1 project.

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