75th Anniversary

How would you like to help us celebrate our 75th Anniversary?

This year, your United Way will celebrate its 75th year. Did you realize that for 75 years, people have continued to turn to United Way to change the odds for children and their families? In honor of this milestone anniversary of our efforts to date and our future efforts, we would like to make this a banner year by welcoming new members to our Red Feather Society with special celebration gifts.  

Please consider making a commitment to help us celebrate by making a generous gift to United Way in multiples of 75.  It can be as simple as adding $75 to your annual workplace pledge card or you can give $75 as a first gift by check or credit card. And if you have colleagues, friends or family members who will want to make a difference by improving the lives of our neighbors in need in the future, but who may not be aware of the great work of United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra, please introduce us.  On behalf of the thousands of lives whose lives have improved because of your ongoing commitment, thank you!